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Kate McGee


We all deserve to find meaning and purpose in life, to heal and to grow. In therapy I focus on your emotions, draw out your gifts, and approach problems from a fresh perspective. I draw on a therapeutic toolkit that includes creative and meditative practices, as well as an understanding of trauma’s lasting effects. I believe the best resources for healing are already within you.

Photo of Kate McGee

About Me

I’m a Registered Psychotherapist, trained as a hospital chaplain. I've worked with people of many backgrounds and at a wide spectrum of life stages. I've worked with people facing situations from baby loss to dementia, coming-out to religious conversion. In my Master of Divinity at U of T, I focused on spiritual care for people living with mental illness. For a decade now, my specialty has been supporting people with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia to lead full and flourishing lives.

I have known mental illness through lived experience, and as a family member, peer supporter, and therapist. My approach is anti-ableist, trauma informed, and grounded in anti-oppression. As a queer therapist, I am committed to serving the queer and trans communities. I am interested in spirituality in its many expressions, as well as religious trauma.

It's hard to find a therapist. I applaud your courage in looking. I want to highlight that your alliance with your therapist is the thing that makes therapy most effective. You’re the person seeking transformation, and the therapeutic relationship is important. To that end, I offer a free phone consult to see if we are a good fit.